Vocalist / Artist
Singing is my life.
Its essential to me like breathing.
I need sing in order to express my deepest inner feeling .
I hope that my songs will reach you all and understand my core of emotions.
Moonlight is my inspiration.
(photo by Helcanen Val 2017 Asuncion Paraguay)
2019/10/16 02:53 Please check it out! https://t.co/GrQrHNug7o
2019/10/14 17:19 🌙CONCERT INFO TOKYO🌙 11月7日(木)petitmoa (https://t.co/NCRX1h2ExA) 11月25日(月)hash chord (https://t.co/eMbeRbe6Su) 是非… https://t.co/JWU11pr1Fw
2019/10/13 20:38 This song makes me calm. And I can charge spirits. Miracle! https://t.co/8Wbqz2bp46