Vocalist / Artist
Singing is my life.
Its essential to me like breathing.
I need sing in order to express my deepest inner feeling .
I hope that my songs will reach you all and understand my core of emotions.
Moonlight is my inspiration.
(photo by Helcanen Val 2017 Asuncion Paraguay)
2020/01/28 19:00 I trust everything is gonna be 🆗👌 Keep positive✨ https://t.co/5kAQWlcFvJ
2020/01/28 04:46 My art works are all etheral messages that I try to put in paper. While I meditate and feel connected to the Unive… https://t.co/fMFMq7kfzj
2020/01/23 17:37 RT @nikkei: 東芝が、盗聴やハッキングが事実上不可能とされる「量子暗号技術」を使った通信サービスを始めます。機密情報を扱う政府や金融、医療機関から暗号通信の利用料を得る仕組みです。 https://t.co/nlzm0zfkWV